Individual lessons

I am an experienced trombone and piano teacher from beginners to advanced, with a track record of successful exam results and music conservatoire places for my students.

My teaching is student-centred. I have a flexible approach, in terms of pace and method, which works well for students with a broad range of abilities.

I am available for individual lessons via Zoom.  Please complete the form below to express an interest.

I am a senior lecturer at Leeds College of Music teaching a range of age groups from children to degree students.

“Your ensemble group has helped “A” through a very challenging few years, the last two especially, and we don’t have words to thank you enough.”  Linda (parent)


I am also an experienced workshop presenter for all age groups and abilities, specialising in Latin music.  Here is some feedback from students at Leeds College of Music:

1) “The Latin ensemble sessions I received made me realise how much I missed playing music for the sheer enjoyment of it and my enthusiasm for learning also intensified with this.”

2)  “The sessions were engaging, enjoyable and exciting; I learned so much about Cuban and Latin American music and discovered a new love for this style.”

3) “The knowledge I have gained in this project spans far into the jazz degree and my own playing greatly. ”

4) “Whilst having the students positioned in a circle it enabled Jonny to communicate in a less traditional fashion. It felt as if he was one of the students. I was able to express and challenge myself in a safe environment, whilst illustrating appropriate stylistic creativity.”

5) “I acquired new knowledge and skills from this project as the topics covered addressed many issues in everyday musical practice.”

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